The Clubhouse coup by a woke activist

Last week someone set up a clubhouse meeting to discuss “wokeism” and whether or not Clubhouse, the audio-chat site was obsessed with it. For nearly two hours that’s the conversation that was taking place and then there was a coup of sorts.

A woman named Brooklyn came into the room and, according to Bret Weinstein who was listening to the conversation at the time, asked why there were no black moderators. The person who’d set up the room made her a moderator at which point she announced “yes, I just took this f**king room over.” She then said that white people shouldn’t use the word “woke” or any other “dialect.” Brooklyn and someone else then ordered all the white people off the stage, which is what Clubhouse calls the subset of people who’ve been brought forward to speak.

“This title, it’s black dialect but you didn’t have no black moderators. Then you have your brochure, college pamphlet black n****s up here and he proudly wore that emblem,” Brooklyn said. She continued, “You all tried to moderate me like I was going to quiet down. Okay, be a good n****r, now. No, b**ch, now the room is mine.”

About 45 minutes later, someone noticed that Bret Weinstein was one of the people in the room. He was called to the stage and interrogated about his views of white supremacy, anti-racism, transphobia, etc. Brooklyn and others mostly talked over him and when he mentioned he was an evolutionary biologist they accused him of being a eugenicist. Here’s how that exchange went:

Benjamin Boyce, who I’ve reference often as a former Evergreen State College student who was on campus four years ago during the takeover was also in the Clubhouse room at the time all of this happened.

It’s hard to get a sense of this without just listening to some of it. If you want to hear the takeover portion, I’ve cued up this full recording of the meeting to the moment when it happened. Since I’m guessing most people don’t want to listen to all 5 hours of that, here’s the 9-minute segment where Bret Weinstein was called up to the stage to defend himself against various accusations.

Finally, here’s a segment of Weinstein’s own podcast where he reacted to what happened in the room. Why does any of this matter? Weinstein tried to address that in this clip.

“Now, at one level, who cares about some takeover in some ephemeral room on Clubhouse,” he said. He continued, “On the other hand, the nature of Clubhouse is a discussion, and what took place in that room was stunning, not just to me but to many people including Peter Boghossian who was in the audience and Benjamin Boyce.

“What was just fascinating was the fact that, although in general there is a wide diversity of opinions in any Clubhouse conversation above a few people, the diversity of opinion dropped to zero. Increasingly outlandish things were asserted on the stage with no objection from anybody…”

In other words, like many other woke gatherings, this was an effort (a successful one) to dominate the conversation and silence disagreement in a forum whose entire purpose is to foster and allow for actual discussion. Does it matter in and of itself that such discussion collapsed in this one instance, probably not very much. But it is a reminder, a metaphor even, for what woke extremist seek to do to conversation in general. The woke don’t want to debate you, they want to dominate you. This is just this week’s example.