Former assistant claims Marilyn Manson threatened to kill his current wife

Earlier this month Evan Rachel Wood came forward and named Marilyn Manson aka Brian Warner as the person who had physically and sexually abused her a decade ago. Four other women also came forward at the same time and accused him of similar abuse. In a podcast episode released yesterday, Manson’s former assistant Dan Cleary claimed he’d seen the rock star abusing and threatening to kill his then-girlfriend Lindsay Usich in 2014 and 2015:

“I saw some physical abuse as far as like pushing and throwing things at her and a lot of like violent outbursts around her ― breaking things,” Cleary said in an episode released to paid subscribers on Tuesday. “A lot of mental abuse and name-calling and threats.”

“There were times when Manson would tell her that he’s going to kill her and cut her up and that I’m going to bury her in the desert ― me,” Cleary added. “He would leave the room and I would [tell her], ‘You’re going to be fine. I’m not going to do any of that. Let’s get you to a hotel.’”…

Cleary first spoke out against Manson in September 2020, tweeting that the musician’s “immediate circle” is aware that he’s mistreated women. In his podcast this week, Cleary said that he “very much” regrets not coming forward sooner.

Manson announced last year that he had married Usich. She is not just a victim in this situation according to Evan Rachel Wood who filed a police report against her this month:

Wood said she was made aware that Usich, who married Manson about a year ago, allegedly wanted to ruin her career and shut her up. Usich, who is 36 and a photographer, did not respond to a request for comment Monday.

Wood shared a redacted page from a Dec. 19, 2020, police report in her Instagram story, as well as one of the photos allegedly in question: In it, Wood is wearing a German-style military hat and has a Hitler-style mustache drawn on her upper lip.

“This is a part of the humiliation and blackmail,” wrote Wood, who was raised Jewish.

But this is really just the tip of the iceberg. HuffPost reported that, as of last week, 16 women had accused Manson of some type of assault or abuse. Chloe Black’s story in particular caught my attention:

Black, a musician, said she was subjected to Manson’s alleged abuse 10 years ago, claiming he deprived her of sleep, verbally abused her and physically hurt her.

“He said many racist and anti-semitic things and laughed at my outrage,” Black wrote in an Instagram post. “He belittled me for listening to ‘black people music.’ When he flew into a rage he had a growling animalistic scream and threw glasses at walls.”

“One night I thought he was actually going to kill me,” she continued. “He confided something so dark, violent and incriminating that I thought there was no way he was going to let me leave that house alive.”

Um, okay. So what did he admit? This makes it sound as if we still haven’t scraped the bottom of this particular barrel.