Nick Sandmann to his attorney Lin Wood: 'What the hell?'

It was nearly one year ago when high school student Nick Sandmann and his attorney Lin Wood reached a settlement with CNN in the $275 million defamation case against the network. The exact amount of the settlement was never released but attorney Lin Wood said he was just getting started. Then in July the Washington Post also settled the $250 million defamation suit Sandmann had brought against them. Again the exact amount of the settlement was never revealed and again Lin Wood pointed out there were still more lawsuits to go against CBS, NBC, ABC, the NY Times, Gannett and Rolling Stone.

And then the election happened and Lin Wood began tweeting about the need to declare martial law. Wood also suggested that Republicans should not vote in Georgia’s special elections, a course of action which if followed would hand the Senate to the Democrats. Newsmax TV thought that idea was crazy and Breitbart pointed out Wood has a long history of donating to Democrats. Over Christmas, Wood suggested David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler should be arrested, along with Georgia’s governor.

This week, Wood launched a new conspiracy theory involving Chief Justice John Roberts:

Wood also “revealed” that Jeffrey Epstein is alive:

It was around this point when Nick Sandmann began responding to some of the things being said by his attorney. He retweeted this critical response to Lin Wood:

And then he began responding directly to Wood’s allegation about Chief Justice John Roberts flying on Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane:

That was Thursday. Friday, Sandmann confronted Wood directly after Wood suggested arresting Vice President Pence and executing him.

Several people warned Sandmann that he should be loyal because Wood had helped him in the past but Sandmann rejected that:

Finally, Sandmann also RT’d this tweet suggesting that maybe Wood needed some compassion because he seemed to be having some kind of public breakdown:

There’s a limit to how much crazy people are willing to take. Lin Wood crossed that limit weeks ago. It’s good to see that Nick Sandmann can see that and is willing to say something about it even though it could cost him something personally.