Video: Rehabilitation for Vice Bloggers

Ryan Long is a Canadian comedian whose bio you can read here. He also has a YouTube channel where he releases short comic skits, several of which seem to take aim at progressives. Today he posted a 3-minute clip titled “Rehabilitation for Vice Bloggers” in which he portrays a counselor trying to deprogram a former Vice Blogger who now sees everything in his life only in terms of race and who is desperate to tweet criticism of everything in those terms.

“After leaving Vice, a lot of bloggers have trouble reacclimating to normal society,” Long’s character says in the skit. While the clip is aimed specifically at Vice bloggers, it could really apply to a whole host of writers now producing commentary at mainstream news sites. Not to mention the thousands of people on Twitter who are pushing these same narratives every day about something. It’s truly hard to overstate the degree to which Critical Race Theory has taken over as the primary lens for a lot of people.

They are still a minority of people at this point, even on most college campuses. Nevertheless, they’re an extremely noisy minority who garner a lot of attention for themselves and their views. And I think it’s safe to say their numbers are growing quickly. It’s remarkable the media presence these folks have given that 10 years ago most Americans had never heard of any of this.

Comedy has been one of the most frequent targets of the woke scolds and plenty of established comedians from the older generation have taken shots at woke progressives. Even some from the younger generation of comedians have learned to avoid doing comedy on college campuses. Given all of the criticism, you’d think comedians would be eager to fire back, mocking some of the cringe-worthy elements of wokeism. A few have, with predictable results, but most seem willing to take the risk that entails. And many mainstream comedians now sound more like political commentators than comics.

Here’s Ryan Long mining the territory for all it’s worth:

If you like that, he has several other clips including “Halloween is Christmas for Cancel Bloggers,” “When your mom is a feminist,” and “New CDC Regulations Say Governors Will Bang Your Wife.” Some of the language in these clips is definitely R-rated and NSFW, but it is funny.

Here’s another example titled, “Progressive Pick-Up Artist.” I’m surprised Ryan Long hasn’t been canceled yet.