The canceling of another young adult author over made up allegations of racism

For some reason the Young Adult Fiction subculture has become one of the most woke and therefore toxic online. Nearly two years ago Jesse Singal wrote about the cancelation of author Amélie Wen Zhao whose unpublished novel Blood Heir was accused of being racist despite the fact that no one had read it.

This week Singal has been tweeting about another case of mob justice in the YA space on Twitter. Author Jessica Cluess has been accused of racism. The problem wasn’t her book in this instance it was a disagreement she had with someone else on Twitter. That someone else happened to be a minority and so the cancel culture mob is off to the races. Singal’s thread starts with Jessica’s agent throwing her under the bus:


Singal then highlighted some of the responses to the agent’s statement demanding more action against his own client:

As usual, the woke crowd is suggesting that harm is being done to everyone by the author’s tweets.

One of the people demanding the woman’s agent respond with harsher treatment was another literary agent named Laura Zats:

She labels Cluess a “racist, violent author.”

Again, it’s worth noting the author in question never brought up race. Her racism was inferred:

The author also apologized for disagreeing with a non-white person which, of course, only made things worse:

One response included a markup of the apology with a red pen. If you actually look at it those aren’t corrections to grammar, they are corrections to thought. This is the red pen of Critical Race Theory. The other cultists are thrilled.

Singal argued that agents needed to learn that just because people on Twitter are angry doesn’t mean anyone did anything wrong:

Giving in to the mob only encourages the mob:

But Jessica’s agent did eventually give in to the mob (2nd tweet below):

Having successfully canceled an author who did nothing wrong, the mob is finally happy, though that probably won’t be the end of their crusade against the author:

Anyway, I’m sorry for Jessica Cluess and I’m sorry that this sort of behavior is taken seriously by anyone. Keep this in mind the next time someone claims that cancel culture doesn’t exist.