UPS found the missing documents sent to Tucker Carlson

Mystery solved? Not exactly. Last night Tucker Carlson devoted a segment of his show to how a package of documents related to Hunter Biden mysteriously disappeared in shipment. Carlson didn’t identify the company by name but said the shipment had been found opened and the documents inside were gone. After a thorough search the company said they’d been unable to find out what happened. Here’s the clip which got a lot of attention online last night. The clip has been viewed 8.7 million times.

Carlson’s segment immediately generated some concern, mostly from people on the right, but also a lot of snarky responses from people on the left:

You get the idea. Lots of people claiming Carlson was full of it. Today Business Insider reported that what Carlson reported last night, at least the basic outlines of it, was in fact true. BI identified the shipper as UPS and got confirmation that the package had been lost:

Glenn Zaccara, UPS’s corporate media relations director, confirmed to Business Insider that Fox News used UPS to ship the documents.

“The package was reported with missing contents as it moved within our network,” Zaccara said in an emailed statement.

“UPS is conducting an urgent investigation into this matter and regrets that the package was damaged. The integrity of our network and the security of our customers’ goods are of utmost importance. We will remain in frequent, direct contact with Fox News as we learn more through our investigation.”

In a later development, UPS now says the contents of the package have been found and will be delivered to Carlson:

“After an extensive search, we have found the contents of the package and are arranging for its return,” UPS told TheWrap. “UPS will always focus first on our customers, and will never stop working to solve issues and make things right. We work hard to ensure every package is delivered, including essential goods, precious family belongings and critical healthcare.”

UPS didn’t explain how or where the contents were found or give any hint about what happened in the first place. Was the package accidentally ripped open by a machine? By a person? Where did they turn up? Maybe we’ll get more detail on Carlson’s show tonight. In any case, now that we’ve had all this build up I hope there’s something in the documents that is significant. We’ll have to wait for that too.