Amy Coney Barrett confirmed 52-48 (Update: Swearing in ceremony)

Amy Coney Barrett confirmed 52-48 (Update: Swearing in ceremony)

Here’s the moment the vote was announced by Sen. Grassley:

Here’s the report from the NY Times:

Inside a Capitol mostly emptied by the resurgent coronavirus pandemic and an election looming in just eight days, Republicans overcame unanimous opposition by Democrats to make Judge Barrett the 115th justice of the Supreme Court and the fifth woman ever to sit on its bench. In a 52-to-48 vote, all but one Republican, Susan Collins of Maine, who herself is battling for re-election, supported Judge Barrett, a 48-year-old appeals court judge and protégée of former Justice Antonin Scalia.

It was the first time in 151 years that a justice was confirmed without a single vote from the minority party, a sign of how bitter Washington’s decades-old war over judicial nominations has become.

The swearing in will take place tonight at the White House:

Amy Coney Barrett is slated to be sworn in to the Supreme Court at a White House ceremony Monday evening, the White House announced shortly after her nomination was confirmed by the Senate.

Barrett will swear two oaths, a constitutional one expected Monday at the White House by Justice Clarence Thomas, according to a senior White House official, and the judicial oath on Tuesday by Chief Justice John Roberts.

I’ll update this post with video of the swearing in when it’s available. Meanwhile, here are some reactions from Twitter:

President Trump retweeted this:

And from the left:

Update: Here’s the swearing in ceremony at the White House. You’ll have to scroll in a bit to get to the start of this.

I missed this one before:

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