Suspect in ambush shooting of two LA deputies has been charged with attempted murder

A suspect is being charged with attempted murder for the ambush shooting of two LA deputies on Sep. 12. His name is Deonte Lee Murray and he had previously been arrested and charged with a violent carjacking that happened on Sep. 1 so he was already in custody.

Officials announced the charges against Deonte Lee Murray at a Wednesday news conference. He was arrested Sept. 15 after a stakeout, car chase, and search in Lynwood that Sheriff Alex Villanueva initially said was unrelated to the deputy attack case.

Murray, 36, was charged that week with a Sept. 1 carjacking and shooting and NBC4 reported that the surveillance that led to that arrest was part of the investigation into the deputy shooting.

Murray pleaded not guilty in the carjacking case and was expected to return to court in late October for a hearing. Court and jail records showed he had been suddenly ordered to court in Compton Wednesday morning without an indication of the reason for the hearing.

So to break this down a bit more, on Sep. 1 Murray (allegedly) approached a car with a rifle, shot the driver in the leg and took his car, a black Mercedes sedan. Then on Sep. 12 he (allegedly) shot the two deputies in an ambush attack. After investigating the shooting, police determined that the suspect in the attack had fled the ambush in a black Mercedes sedan and were aware that a similar car had been carjacked in the area less than two weeks earlier. On Sep. 15 Murray was located, fled from police in a different car and was eventually found hiding in a trash can:

The person being chased was driving a light blue Toyota coupe that crashed in the 3100 block of Carlin Avenue in Lynwood, and the sources said the driver ran from the car into a home or condo nearby.

A city block of homes nearby was being evacuated as members of the LA County Sheriff’s Department’s Special Enforcement Bureau, its SWAT team, prepared to search homes, apartments, buildings and yards…

After an hourslong search, Deonte Murray, 36, was arrested after being found inside a trash can with the assistance of a K9 unit, the sheriff’s department said in a nighttime news conference. Murray has no known address but is known to frequent the area and is considered a local…

At the time of his arrest, police said the manhunt for Murray was not connected to the ambush shooting. However, during the car chase which led to his arrest, Murray tossed a “ghost gun” out of the car, obviously trying to get rid of it in case he was caught. Police recovered that gun and several days later ballistics came back showing it was a match for the gun used to shoot the two deputies.

The attempted murder charges have now been added to the carjacking case. If convicted on all charges, Murray faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. As for the motive in this case, LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said today, “They became victims of a violent crime for one reason — they were doing their job and they were wearing the badge.” Sheriff Alex Villanueva said, “There are people who have such deep-seated hatred against law enforcement that they’re just willing to kill anybody unprovoked.”

This is the point when the entire national media will studiously ignore the question of what particular messages being spread right now might have helped to motivate this shooting. The so-called “climate of hate” only gets mentioned on CNN and elsewhere when violence can be blamed on the right.

The two deputies shot in the attack have both been released from the hospital and are recovering at home. Here’s the press conference announcing the charges against Murray. Below that is a local news report on the arrest which shows police came to the arrest with armored vehicles, a helicopter, a robot and a drone. Clearly they thought this guy was a danger to the police.

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Ed Morrissey 10:01 AM on December 06, 2022