Minority-owned security company hired to watch Seattle park quits on first night after being harassed by Antifa

Cal Anderson park in Seattle is a large open space immediately adjacent to the former CHAZ/CHOP zone. For weeks the park has been a kind of home base for protesters/rioters who would gather there each night before marches. Some people had set up tents and were sleeping there. There was even some kind of store full of donated items. Earlier this week the city finally cleared the park and found a tent serving as a kind of Antifa armory:


The Seattle Parks Department began clearing Cal Anderson Park shortly after 10 AM Tuesday to repair damages done to a field house, as well as clean up trash that had been piling up since the park’s closure on June 30th.

Workers with the parks department were cleaning out a tent in the area when they found what they believed were weapons. Officers obtained a warrant to search the tent and recovered a machete, hatchet, homemade spike strips, an unexploded mortar, and multiple makeshift shields.

Here are photos of what they found:

Needless to say the people who owned all of this were not happy the police were there clearing the park and throwing away their garbage:

The Antifa folks were being their usual charming selves, accusing all of the police of being white supremacists. “You’re a f**king white supremacist you piece of s**t! I hope you die tonight, b**ch!” She goes on to predict that he will end up hopeless and living in the park after she takes his job.

After the park was cleared, the city contracted with a private security firm to keep an eye on things at night. I’m not sure what the thinking was here. I guess it was cheaper to hire private security than to use police officers. In any case, the first night the private security officers arrived they were immediately hounded out of the park (2nd clip below):



There’s a longer clip of this here. The Seattle Times described what happened from the view of the owner of the private security firm:

Reached by phone, a man who identified himself as the owner of Jaguar Security but declined to provide his name said he was contacted by the city several days ago about providing security at Cal Anderson Park. He said he has done security work for the city in the past at Magnuson Park and city reservoirs, but would not discuss details of his contract with the city.

The man said he and two other armed guards went into the park Tuesday night. A group, which included people with “poles and sticks,” quickly approached, questioned why they were there, shouted obscenities and shone a light toward them that prevented them from seeing the group, he said. Worrying for the guards’ safety, he said they called 911 and walked out of the park to the sidewalk.

“We didn’t issue any directive. We didn’t tell anyone to leave the park. We didn’t get the chance to,” he said…

At Cal Anderson, the city’s instructions to Jaguar Security “were to just tell people we can’t have you in the park,” said the man who identified himself as the owner. The guards, who were each over 56 years old, carried guns but did not pull them on the group, he said. “We didn’t go out there with young muscle-headed guys ready to fight,” he said.

He does not plan to return to the park. “They cost a minority-owned company a contract,” said the man, who is Black. “They cost people their jobs.”


More great work from Antifa. After this, the same group grabbed up whatever trash was left in the park and marched to the local police precinct where they threw it over a fence. One Molotov cocktail was also thrown at the building:


So Antifa lawlessness continues in Seattle. Police Chief Carmen Best’s last day was Wednesday. She must be very happy that dealing with these punks isn’t her job anymore.

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