Adam Haner: 'Their whole chaos came right at me'

Adam Haner, the man who was beaten unconscious in Portland this week, gave a couple of interviews to local news outlets. Speaking to KATU, Haner showed the camera two places on his scalp where he had a line of stitches plus various bruised on his arms and legs as well as under both eyes. The most serious concern is that he could lose vision in one eye. A doctor told him there was concern the retina in his left eye might detach.

Asked what provoked the attack, Haner said, “I think because I was trying to stand up for someone…I just seen something going on there and I tried to get in the middle of it. And it just directed the fire towards me. Their whole chaos came right at me instead of the person they were trying to aim it at.”

“Quite frankly I’m glad it came to me because if it was directed at the other person I don’t think they would have withstood what I went through,” he said. He added, “I wan’t trying to do anything but get a drink, but there was a confrontation going on there and I ended up in the middle of it.”

At one point he was asked about something in the videos of the attack and his girlfriend Tammie Martin interjected, “He hasn’t seen the videos.”

Asked how he feels toward Marquise Love, the person police have identified as the suspect in his assault, Haner replied, “I’m sure karma will take care of him…If that has to come through the courts then that’s the way it will come. If not then it’ll happen in its own.

“I’m not seeking vengeance. I hope he learns something from what happened. I wasn’t the enemy, I’ll tell you that. I was just the guy standing there and I was white, evidently.”

The reporter didn’t pick up on the mention of race at that moment in the interview. Both Haner and his girlfriend said they were accused of being white supremacists throughout the attack. Later in the interview, Haner said, “I didn’t really pick a side. I wasn’t trying to I just seen the person getting hurt…I didn’t see a color. I didn’t see a color when I got kicked either. I just got kicked by someone. I don’t know why they kicked me, why they thought they needed to.”

Later in the interview, Martin (Haner’s girlfriend) made clear she didn’t share his philosophical view of the situation. “I’m angry at the guy. Like I said because I’ve seen the video, I’m just upset about it.” She added, “He has to have a consequence. I don’t want him sitting in jail for life but I’m pretty sure whatever happens to him…” At this point she shrugged as if to say, he has it coming.

So far, police still haven’t apprehended Marquise Love. The full interview with Haner hasn’t been added to YouTube yet so for now you’ll have to click here to watch it.