Girlfriend describes assault of Adam Haner: 'They were just looking to fight somebody'

Girlfriend describes assault of Adam Haner: 'They were just looking to fight somebody'

There were reports Monday that the woman seen in the video with Adam Haner was his wife. I think he even refers to her as his wife in one of the clips but according to this interview with Fox 12 Oregon, Tammie Martin is his girlfriend. They were in downtown Portland that night because he was driving her to pick up her car. And then Adam Haner saw a trans-woman being assaulted and tried to intervene. That’s when the small group of BLM supporters turned on them.

“He was trying to help and they called him a white supremacist, and then some black lady smacked him and he got in his truck,” Martin said.

Martin said that was when she also got out of the truck.

“I got socked and then tried to walk away and then got pushed down, he tried to … and then I got punched a few times, and then I got back up and he was trying to drive away and revving his engine so people would back away from the truck,” Martin said.

When Haner pulled away to escape the angry mob, Martin apparently got in her own car and took a different route. She then came upon Haner’s crashed truck and saw him lying in the street unconscious.

Martin had a hairline rib fracture from when she was tackled in the street and is covered in bruises but says it’s nothing compared to what Haner experienced. Still, after Haner was taken to the hospital she said police had to surround her to protect her:

“They kept calling me names calling me a white supremacist [expletive]. You have a boyfriend that’s a white supremacist and saying you’re a loser I hope your boyfriend dies,” Martin said.

Fortunately, Haner didn’t die and is at home recovering. According to a Go Fund Me page set up on his behalf by his older brother, he is still a bit dazed and doesn’t remember everything that happened:

Adam is still feeling very ill. He is still very dazed. He doesn’t remember everything that has happened. He thought his truck only had a dent in it. I talked with him briefly, and got some information from Tammie. They have been swamped with calls, messages and text and need everyone to give them some space. So please hold off on direct contact for a few days, or until you see an update here saying other wise. The only interview Adam will do today is with the detective trying to get the people responsible for the attack. Forensics are taking pictures of him now as I write this. I also will not give any interviews until my brother has time to absorb all that he has been through. Me and my mom have been trying to make responses for everyone that has provided support here for Adam. Thank you all so very much. It’s been very emotional so far. Keep him in your prayers and thought.

Haner posted this photo on Facebook yesterday:

Speaking of Facebook, the NY Post is reporting today that Haner posted an “anti-George Floyd meme” on Facebook the same day as the assault. That doesn’t seem to have anything at all to do what happened to him or his girlfriend, but I guess it’s enough for some people to decide he deserved to be beaten unconscious in the street.

Martin said of the group that attacked her, “They were just looking for a fight. They were trying to fight people driving by. They were just looking to fight somebody.” The interview took place by phone but Fox 12 has a video clip featuring her comments here.

Finally, there’s no new information on Marquise Love, the man police identified yesterday as Haner’s attacker. Police are reportedly looking for him and have encouraged him to turn himself in but so far he appears to be hiding out.

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