A protester in Colorado fired at a car and wound up shooting two protesters (Update)

A BLM protest march in Aurora, Colorado ended up on the freeway Saturday. There was some screaming and a Jeep drove down the freeway as people scattered out of the way. Several shots were fired and two protesters were hit. Some people initially claimed that someone inside the Jeep had fired at the protesters:



In fact, it was one of the protesters who had attempted to fire on the Jeep who shot two people in the crowd:

As it passed, a protester pulled a gun and started shooting at the vehicle, witnesses said. Six shots rang out, causing panic.

Two protesters were shot or grazed, and another fell or jumped from the highway, breaking her leg.

“I just heard people screaming ‘Medic!’ from everywhere,” said protester Heather Benton, an Emergency Medical Technician. “I didn’t realize I’d entered a war zone.”

Yesterday police released two images of a person of interest in the case:

This is not the first time a protester has shot at a vehicle driving through traffic. Last month a driver in a pickup tried to flee a group of protesters in Provo, Utah. A protester fired two shots, one of which hit the driver. He drove himself to a nearby hospital. No protesters were injured in that incident.


Also this weekend, a driver moving toward a crowd of protesters in Austin was surrounded. When one man with a rifle approached his car, he fired at him several times killing the man.

Austin’s police chief, Brian Manley, told reporters on Sunday that as the motorist turned, a crowd of protesters surrounded the vehicle, and some struck the car. The driver, whose name has not been released, then opened fire from inside the car as Mr. Foster approached. Another person in the crowd pulled out a handgun and shot at the vehicle as it sped away.

Minutes after the shooting, the driver called 911 and said he had been involved in a shooting and had driven away from the scene, Chief Manley said. The caller told dispatchers he had shot someone who had approached the driver’s window and pointed a rifle at him.

“His account is that Mr. Foster pointed the weapon directly at him and he fired his handgun at Mr. Foster,” the chief said of the driver.

There is a debate taking place online about whether over whether the shooting victim, Garrett Foster, actually raised his weapon toward the driver or merely had it slung in front of him. The shooting and the aftermath were caught on video.


Update: There was another incident this weekend where protesters tried to stop a car in Georgetown in Washington, DC. Anti-police protesters were outraged that the woman who’d moved her car a few feet with protesters riding on her hood wasn’t arrested by the police.



Surrounding drivers and then expecting them to react calmly while people pound on their cars from all sides does not seem like a smart game to be playing in the streets of our cities.

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