Justice Ginsburg hospitalized with possible infection

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is back in the hospital after having a fever and chills last night. The Supreme Court released a brief statement:

In a statement Tuesday afternoon, the court said Ginsburg had been experiencing fever and chills on Monday, so she was initially taken to Sibley Memorial Hospital in the District that night.

On Tuesday afternoon, she was given an endoscopic procedure “to clean out a bile duct stent that was placed last August,” the court said.

Ginsburg will stay in the hospital to receive intravenious antibiotics, the court said, adding that she was “resting comfortably.”

The hospital doesn’t seem like a great place for any 87-year-old to be in the midst of a pandemic. Obviously antiobiotics can’t protect you from a virus. Under the circumstances, I imagine she’s being given very careful treatment. The backstory to the procedure that took place today is that Ginsburg had a stent placed in her gallbladder a few months ago:

When the justices heard oral arguments by telephone in May due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ginsburg participated from her hospital room while still recovering from a benign gallbladder condition.

The phone connection was glitchy as Ginsburg began her questioning, and her voice sounded weaker than normal at times. But she hit her stride later in the argument asking questions that sometimes were more like comments.

Ginsberg, 87, missed oral arguments for the first time in January 2019, while recovering from surgery after two cancerous nodules were removed from her left lung the previous month. At the time, she participated in the cases by reading transcripts. The liberal justice had already received treatment in November 2018 for three ribs she fractured during a fall in her office. And in August 2019, she was treated for pancreatic cancer.

I’m glad she’s okay for her sake and also because I can’t imagine what would happen to this country if she were to resign her seat on the court because of illness right now. Filling Ginsburg’s slot on the court in the waning months of Trump’s term would make the Kavanaugh confirmation look like a warm-up act. You think progressives got crazy last time? That would be nothing compared to what awaited us all. Even the thought of it has many progressives breaking into a cold sweat:

President Trump was asked for his response to her hospitalization and said he wished her “the absolute best.”

Finally, here’s a brief report from CBS Evening News.