What really happened with the first shooting inside CHAZ/CHOP?

Jazz wrote about the latest shooting at the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, but there is some additional information about the first shooting that took place Saturday morning which deserves a look. The incident started early Saturday morning around 2:15 am. Multiple shots were fired by an unknown individual and two people were hit. Police arrived at CHAZ/CHOP at 2:30 am to look for the victims. Protesters claimed the victims had already been transported to the hospital. But according to the Seattle Times that wasn’t true.


Protesters can be heard yelling at the officers to “put your guns down!”

The protesters also shout to the officers that the victims have already been taken away. It would later turn out that one victim had been transported out by volunteer medics but another would be found later…

A timeline prepared by the fire department from dispatch information indicates the initial call came in at 2:19 a.m. and that the 19-year-old victim was at the hospital in a private vehicle by 2:42.

The second gunshot victim was not located until 2:51 a.m.

Here’s a video released by police showing their attempts to find the victims.

This next video allegedly shows a street fight that preceded the shooting. Notice that faces have been blurred to prevent identifying anyone. I wonder if the person who shot this brawl has video of the shooting as well.

This next clip shows locals trying to get the most seriously injured man to the hospital. The timestamp on the video says 3:30 but that can’t be right if the victim was at the hospital by 2:42 am.


CHAZ/CHOP security person Raz Simone blamed the death on paramedics for failing to enter the zone without police backup. Maybe if this guy hadn’t help set up a cop-free zone in the middle of the city, this wouldn’t have happened. Really, it’s incredible that they set up an autonomous zone and chased the authorities out but the moment someone is shot, it’s the authorities’ fault for not helping quickly enough.

The 19-year-old was apparently DOA at the hospital. The brother of the victim was upset that CHAZ/CHOP medics didn’t tell him the truth about what happened. He points to a table outside a restaurant which he says is covered with his brother’s blood.

Finally, socialist City Council member Kshama Sawant released a statement about the shooting which said it was a “right-wing attack.


Our deepest condolences go out to the loved ones of the black protester who was tragically killed this morning by gunfire at the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP). Socialist Alternative and I stand in solidarity with the family and friends of the victim, and with the injured protester now in the hospital, as well as with all community members and fellow activists.

Though we await confirmation of the details of the killing, there are indications that this may have been a right-wing attack…

If this killing turns out to be a right-wing attack, President Trump bears direct responsibility, since he has fomented reactionary hatred specifically against the peaceful Capitol Hill occupation, and even threatened to intervene with federal troops. Also responsible are the conservative and corporate media outlets, both locally and nationally, which have themselves whipped up right-wing hate by completely misrepresenting the nature of the peaceful protest occupation, and who are continuing to do so even now, claiming that this shooting proves the CHOP is descending into chaos.

Again, police haven’t arrested anyone at this point and apparently don’t even have a suspect. Where is Sawant getting this information? She doesn’t say. She released this statement after the first shooting (one killed, one injured) but before the second shooting.


As for misrepresenting the peaceful protest, you should read Andy Ngo’s description of his five days inside CHAZ/CHOP. In addition to the shootings there has been one arrest for sexual assault and another for arson. This left-wing utopia is going about as well as expected.

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