Things appear to be heading south for the Lincoln Project's Rick Wilson

Things appear to be heading south for the Lincoln Project's Rick Wilson

We’ve written about Rick Wilson before. In case you’ve forgotten here’s a clip from January that sort of sums up what he’s about these days.

Sadly, Wilson is having a very bad week. It started when he lashed out at Dominos Pizza over an interaction it had with Kayleigh McEnany.

Here’s the exchange Wilson dubbed a brand-killer. Notice the date. This was nearly 8 years ago.

But his attempt to sic the cancel culture mob on Domino’s Pizza backfired. He wound up looking like a nut at the hands of a brand account.

And that’s when things really stated to go south (you’ll get that pun in a moment). Since Wilson seemed eager to play the ‘let’s cancel people over old tweets’ game, I guess his social media is fair game.

Well, that’s a little awkward.

Apparently the cooler was his son’s and was painted by the son’s girlfriend, but it clearly didn’t seem to bother Rick or his wife in 2014 or 2015. It’s especially cringe-worthy as Rick is currently a co-founder of the anti-Trump group called The Lincoln Project.

To be clear, I don’t think we should be canceling anyone over old tweets or old coolers. But in Rick Wilson’s case the lesson is ‘play stupid games, win stupid prizes.’ If you’re going to try to drag an entire brand over one 8-year-old tweet (with no partisan content) then you deserve this.

Let’s close this out with another thread about Wilson’s history on Twitter:

His track record of failure and bad predictions is more important this his “The South Will Rise Again” cooler. But despite this track record, the left still loves him because he’s saying what they want to hear.

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