Andy Ngo sues Rose City Antifa for $900,000

Journalist Andy Ngo was beaten up by a group of Antifa thugs last June while he was covering a protest in Portland. As a result of that beating, Ngo ended up in the hospital and was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. Since then attempts at intimidation of Ngo and his family have continued. Yesterday, Ngo announced he had filed a lawsuit against Rose City Antifa and five specific members of the group:

The suit, filed Thursday by attorney Harmeet Dhillon of the Center for American Liberty, includes claims of assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and Oregon’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act.

“Defendants and their fellow Antifa members or supporters and ‘allies’ have physically accosted and viciously assaulted Ngo at protests that he was covering, stolen his photographic equipment, publicized the addresses of his family home and mother’s business, tried to force entry into his house, and stalked him in his personal life, including by attacking and stealing his phone while at a gym,” the suit says.

Five individual members of Antifa and its “allies” were identified and named in the suit: Corbyn (Katherine) Belyea, Benjamin Bolen, Joseph Christian Evans, John Hacker and Madison Lee Allen, in addition to Luis Marquez, who is named as “one of the leaders” of the Antifa group, according to the paperwork…

“For more than a year, Antifa extremists have subjected my family and I to a campaign of intimidation and terror from my reporting and documentation of their violent extremism as a journalist,” Ngo said during a virtual news conference.

Ngo went on to say, “Despite giving leads to the Portland police, not a single arrest has happened.” That’s probably the strangest thing about this story. Anyone who has been following Antifa’s antics in Portland can’t be surprised the group got violent, but given that this assault was caught on video why hasn’t anyone been arrested? You’ve probably seen this video before but maybe it’s been a while.

If Ngo and his legal team were able to identify some of these people, why weren’t the Portland police? I’d be curious to know what the police have actually done to pursue it in the past 11 months. Maybe we’ll find out as part of this lawsuit. It sounds like the first hurdle is going to be serving the people named in the lawsuit.

The timing of this is certainly good, coming the same day as that Project Veritas report on the group’s inner workings. Ngo’s attorney Harmeet Dhillon said she intended to move forward with the lawsuit earlier but that she has been busy with COVID-19 lawsuits for several weeks.

The Oregonian reports that Ngo is suing the group for $900,000. Here’s the virtual press conference with Ngo and his attorney that took place yesterday: