Black Lives Matter protesters blocked the 101 Freeway in LA

Black Lives Matter protesters blocked the 101 Freeway in LA

As Ed wrote earlier, there were riots and looting in Minnesota last night in response to the death of George Floyd. A spontaneous protest also broke out in Los Angeles with Black Lives Matter protesters walking onto the 101 freeway and blocking traffic. Protesters became angry when they caught site of two LAPD cruisers. Windows were smashed and one protesters was injured after he jumped on the hood of one of the cars. Here’s how the protest in LA began.

After chanting for  a while near the Hall of Justice on Temple St., protesters moved onto the 101 freeway.

While all of this was happening on the street, Police Chief Michel Moore issued a statement on Twitter about the death of George Floyd saying what he saw in the viral video was excessive force and lack of compassion that tarnished the badge of police officers.

Around this time, protesters walked onto the freeway and began blocking traffic:

The protesters formed a line blocking the freeway.

At some point police cars arrived at the blockade to try to remove the protesters from the freeway but the first two cruisers were attacked by the protesters. As you can see, protesters swarm the first car, including one person who is sitting on the hood. When someone throws a skateboard through the car’s back window, the driver accelerates and the guy on the hood rolls off and hits his head on the roadway. A second cruiser pulls up, possibly looking to render aid to the man, but that car is also attacked by the protesters.

Here’s the same incident as seen from a chopper overhead (2nd clip below):

The injured protester was eventually transported to a hospital. At some point around the time all of this was happening on the freeway a city-wide tactical alert was issued:

The protesters eventually moved off the freeway and back into the streets. Police declared an unlawful assembly and ordered people to clear out or face arrest.

Protesters were still out marching for several more hours. Later, Police Chief Moore said some rocks and bottles were thrown but no officers were injured.

No arrests were made according to this CBS LA report on the situation.

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