Megyn Kelly's interview with Tara Reade: 'We can come forward unless it's a Democrat. Is that the message we're sending?'

About 24 hours after the two preview clips were published yesterday, Megyn Kelly published her full 40-minute interview with Tara Reade.

The full clip is below. The first 15-minutes of this is a retelling of Reade’s story from the time she was hired to supervise interns in Biden’s office until the time she says she was fired after making complaints. During this segment Reade tells the story of the assault in a hallway and it’s pretty much the same story you’ve heard previously if you’ve been following this.

The one thing I don’t recall hearing before is something Reade claims Biden said during the assault. After asking if she wanted to go somewhere else, she claims Biden said “something vulgar.” Pressed by Kelly, Reade claimed Biden said “I want to f**k you” quietly in her ear. Reade became emotional as she described Biden pointing at her seconds after the assault and saying she was “nothing.”

Asked about the denials by people who worked in Biden’s office at the time, Reade said, “You have to look at the source. They’re still working with Biden, so they’re not just Biden staffers, or former, they’re with him, except I think Marianne Baker is now retired.” She added, “Their job was to cover what he did. There are people that have enabled and allowed his behavior to continue.”

Kelly asked about Reade’s friend who says she heard the full story at the time it happened and also that Reade’s story has never changed. For purposes of the interview, Kelly and Reade refer to her as Karen though she has asked that her real name not be revealed. “Why do you think Karen is afraid to come forward with her real name and say this publicy?” Kelly asked.

“She owns a business and, you know, I mean she has a family,” Reade said. She added, “You see what’s happening to me. My friends and family are being harassed and attacked and discredited and dragged through the mud.”

Kelly then turned to Lynda LaCasse, a former neighbor of Reade’s who recalled her telling the story of the assault some time in 1995 or 1996. LaCasse did come forward with her real name and according to Reade, “she’s been getting harassing calls. People have been saying really terrible things about her on social media…”

Kelly continued to walk through a series of mini-controversies: Why did Reade tweet something positive about Joe Biden in 2017? (She says she had no intention of telling her story then.) Why did she write things praising Vladimir Putin? (she says she was in a writer’s group and has never been to Russia, but now thinks Putin isn’t a good guy.) Why did she tweet about her story earlier this year which read “timing, wait for it…tic toc”? (She says ‘tic toc’ was a reference to Time’s Up and her belief that she’d finally be able to find an attorney with the group’s support to help her bring her story forward.)

Asked how she feels about the various high profile Democrats who pushed hard for Dr. Ford during the Kavanaugh hearings but who have dismissed Reade’s claims, Reade said she found that hurtful and said they should listen to her story whether they want to vote for Biden or not. She said the pushback against her will discourage other women from coming forward: “We can come forward unless it’s a Democrat. Is that the message we’re sending?”

All I have to add is: Yes, that’s the message Democrats are sending. I think they’re sending that message, in part, because they’re a little afraid there may be more women out there with a story about Joe Biden.

Here’s the full interview.

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