As fear of coronavirus spread, wealthy children of the Venezuelan revolution held a party (and got sick)

One thing that’s always true of socialist regimes is that the people at the top get very wealthy in the midst of redistributing wealth to others. That’s definitely true in Venezuela where the wealthy children of top leaders, known as the “bolichicos,” spend their time jet-setting around the world while most of the country has been on the “Maduro diet.” But it appears the bolichicos went too far last month, at least for many in Venezuela. A group of them decided to ignore warnings about the coronvirus and hold a party on a private island complete with prostitutes flown in from Europe. Now an unknown number of these idiots have tested positive for the coronavirus:


It’s not clear how many people got sick last month on the Los Roques archipelago. But a raucous party that became a cluster of infections has raised concerns at the highest level of the government and drawn condemnation from Venezuelans locked down at home for weeks.

“There was a party, on an island, and practically everyone at the party is testing positive,” embattled leader Nicolás Maduro said on state TV March 20.

Three days later, as embarrassing Instagram posts leaked out under the hashtag #CoronavirusParty, he downplayed it.

“Who is going to criticize a party? They didn’t know they were sick,” said Maduro, who was indicted by the U.S. last month on narcotics charges.

It makes sense that Maduro would downplay this. These are his people:

Among the young revelers was Jesús Amoroso, son of Maduro’s top anti-corruption official, who has been sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department for allegedly undermining Venezuela’s democracy.

The two people said Venezuelan prostitutes from Madrid and London were flown in just before air travel was closed to Spain, one of the nations hit hardest by the pandemic.

Here are some of the images that appeared on Instagram.


There are a few more photos in this slideshow. The audio is a leaked description of the party from someone who attended, at least that’s what I gather. I never learned Spanish unfortunately.

Eventually, 18 people connected to this party were arrested at a subsequent house party that happened a week later:

Some of those detained at the 2nd party look a bit ashamed:


But one of the attendees didn’t care. He posted the photo below with the message “Suck it gossipers.”

It’s good to be close to the revolutionaries at the top. Not only are you likely to be rich and never need to work, you also won’t be held accountable for anything you do.

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