Rep. Haley Stevens goes full Leeroy Jenkins on the House floor

This is far from the biggest thing happening in the world today but it’s one more indication of the way in which coronavirus seems to be convincing relatively minor figures on the national scene that they are suddenly very important. Rep. Haley Stevens is a freshman Democrat who decided it was time to leave behind the rules of the House floor and just shout over everyone, including the House Majority Leader from her own party.

That’s Steny Hoyer who stands up in the left part of the frame at the beginning of her rant. He’s saying, “Ms. Stevens, Ms. Stevens, I’m going to give you more time.” From what I can gather, the chair who is trying to control the time is either Rep. Tom O’Halleran or Rep. Anthony Brown, both of whom are Democrats. But Rep. Stevens is not listening to anyone. As she continues her rant, the chair recognizes Hoyer who grants her another 30 seconds.

When the camera returns to Rep. Stevens she’s saying saying something that was intended to offer comfort to health care workers on the front line of the fight against coronavirus. But because she’s screaming instead of speaking it sounds less like words of comfort and more like a crazy person shouting about the apocalypse, “Similar times of trying medical need, wars and flus past! You will see darkness! You will be pushed!”

Eventually, her additional 30 seconds expires. There is a brief moment when she seems ready to suspend but then she decides to keep shouting as the chair tries to gavel her down for another 30 seconds. Here’s the clip:

Rep. Stevens had at least one admirer on the House floor:

Actually, there are quite a few people on the left who have decided this is another “Nevertheless, she persisted” moment of courage. The fact that members of her own party were the ones trying to get her to take it down a notch and observe the rules doesn’t seem to matter. In fact, it’s already being reported as Rep. Stevens standing up to Republicans.

Finally, it’s worth noting that just yesterday Rep. Stevens tweeted out a photo of Trump as the grim reaper with the text “Happy Easter Grandma.”

Is this real? Yes it is:

Remember just a few months ago when there was much concern about Trump’s criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar leading to death threats? Are any of the people who supposedly cared about that worried about the image above? Of course not. There’s no penalty for unhinged behavior on the left. The louder Rep. Stevens shouts (over members of her own party) the more atta-girls she will get from the base and, apparently, from Nancy Pelosi. The rage is the point.