Socialists: This coronavirus pandemic proves socialism is the only path forward

If you’ve spent any time on Twitter recently, you’ve probably noticed there’s a hot new trend among socialists. Lots of people have been posting photos of empty supermarket shelves and suggesting this proves capitalism is no better than socialism.

Here’s the editor of HuffPost:

I could go on. Suffice it to say, there’s a fair amount of this out there, i.e. socialists eager to dance on the grave of capitalism. Of course, to anyone with a functioning brain, this is remotely the same as what has been happening in Venezuela for the past five years. For one thing, this is a global pandemic not a slight stress.

I don’t think the socialists are making the winning point they think they are. The fact that store shelves in a capitalist country during a global pandemic look a bit like store shelves in a socialist country any day of the week doesn’t seem like a recommendation for socialism. But the really big difference is that store shelves in America will be restocked within a couple of days. In fact, many of them already are:

This is important because it is not at all like what happened in Venezuela. Stores there were not fully stocked a day or two later. In fact, starting four years ago, people began waiting for hours in long lines outside of grocery stores in the hope that when they finally got inside something would be available. Many people began spending many hours per week going from store to store trying to put together enough staples to feed themselves and their families. But that didn’t work for long.

By 2016, starving children were frequently fainting in school. Around this time smuggling food was said to be a better business than smuggling drugs. But it wasn’t just food that had run short. Hospitals had little medicine to offer patients.

By February of 2017, the Miami Times reported desperate Venezuelans were resorting to eating, “dogs, cats, donkeys, horses and pigeons.” Some even began eating pink flamingos. By the end of 2017, some Venezuelans had resorted to eating animals stolen from the zoo. Needless to say, we’re not at that point in America. But that hasn’t stopped socialists from trying to capitalize on the crisis.

Today the Intercept, which is a reliably pro-Bernie Sanders outlet, published a video featuring Naomi Klein titled “Coronavirus Capitalism — and How to Beat It.” This clip basically boils down to a last-ditch attempt to save the Sanders campaign from oblivion by pushing the need for the Green New Deal in response to the coronavirus.

It’s not very convincing. Klein railed against plans to bail out industries like air travel. “Instead of rescuing the dirty industries of the last century, we should be boosting the clean ones that will lead us into safety in the coming century,” she said. What exactly is the alternative to air travel powered by fossile fuels? Oh, right, there isn’t one, except maybe sailboats. And by the way, how many flights has Naomi Klein been on in the past year? More than I have I’m sure.

Klein also complained that the virus has demolished the economy for gig workers but actually that was being demolished before most people had heard of coronavirus. A new law (AB5) passed by Democrats in California is responsible for that disaster.

Klein said there aren’t comparable bailouts for workers, but Congress just passed a bipartisan bill aimed at providing paid leave to workers at small companies who become ill or need to care for someone who is ill. Further such assistance is likely to follow.

As this clip demonstrates, for socialists capitalism is always the real enemy.

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