Venezuelan describes daily life in his country: 'My Socialism Nightmare'

Venezuelan describes daily life in his country: 'My Socialism Nightmare'

Fox News published this clip on its website but there isn’t a story built around it. All we really have is the clip below and a headline “My Socialism Nightmare: Venezuelan capitalist shares the deadly side of socialized medicine.” In any case, this 9 minute clip is definitely worth a look.

“The crisis is not the crisis when it’s on the news. The crisis is every day,” Jose Rafael Monagas said. He’s talking about people who get sick and then die while they are taken from hospital to hospital looking for one who will admit them.

It’s not just the health system that has collapsed, it’s also the police. “No one ever is going to invest in Venezuela if there is no police,” he explained. “If you get robbed and you cannot tell anyone, who is going to put their money in jeopardy like that?” he said. Monagas said his own mother was kidnapped when he was 12 years old by men who took her to a city several hours away, tied her up, stole her car and credit cards. People in Venezuela rarely go to the police because they know they are corrupt.

Monagas has been trying to keep his software business afloat but has struggled because the power occasionally goes out, once for three days with no explanation. But even when he can keep the business working, he often loses workers who can’t come in because they have no water and haven’t been able to shower for several days or weeks. In some cases, people can’t come to work because the water they do have made them sick.

In short, this is a society that is barely functioning for anyone. But President Maduro has hired a new lawyer in Washington to act as a lobbyist for his regime. The previous attorneys abandoned a $2.5 million per month contract after receiving blowback for taking the job.

Lawyer Bob Amsterdam declined to comment on the nature of work for Maduro’s Inspector General Reinaldo Muñoz, other than saying it would focus on sanctions and human rights issues…

Amsterdam, a Canadian lawyer, heads a law firm with offices in Washington and London. In the past, it has represented a mix of repressive governments hostile to the U.S. as well as clients persecuted by authoritarian governments.

Not sure why anyone would want the situation described in this video to continue any longer than it has already, but I guess several million dollars per month is a strong incentive.

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