More on that gun rights rally in Virginia (Updates)

Ed wrote about the media coverage of the gun rights rally in Virginia this morning. The rally is now taking place so there are lots of reporters posting video and photos on social media.

The Governor set up fencing for the protest. People inside the fencing are not allowed to carry guns while people outside the fencing can. Here’s a reporter from the Guardian noting the area inside the fence is relatively empty:

Heavy police presence is needed when there are two opposing groups who seem intent on mixing it up in the streets. That’s not the case at the Virginia rally. Initially there were concerns that Antifa planned to show up to create chaos but they apparently decided to stay away:

Townhall has a reporter at the rally:

This clip is pretty funny:

Contrary to what the media seems to be claiming, not all 2nd Amendment supporters are straight white males:

There’s a recall petition attracting a lot of rally-goers:

A handful of Revcom protesters did show up:

This made me laugh:

It’s a good sized crowd considering the temperature was in the 20s this morning and is now around 34 degrees (plus 11 mph winds):

The media is going to be disappointed:

CNN is reporting that attendees are well-armed but calm:

But here’s how it’s being covered by MSNBC:

Update: Rally over.

Update: From CNN, the threats did not emerge.

Update: A supercut of the media hyping the possibility of violence: