Antifa protester charged with anti-Semitic hate crime

A man who appeared at an Antifa rally in Portland back in August has been arrested and charged with an anti-Semitic hate crime in Seattle. Andy Ngo has the story:

Jamal Oscar Williams, 44, is accused by state prosecutors in Washington state of hate crimes and criminal harassment against Schmuel Levitin, a rabbi, and Ephriam Block. According to court documents, Williams “maliciously and intentionally” followed, threatened to kill and assaulted the men in multiple attacks in October because of their perceived religion.

Levitin and Block were operating a permitted religious booth for the Sukkot Jewish holiday in downtown Seattle on October 11 when Williams allegedly approached them and shouted: “Jews, Jews, Jews … give me your money!” He then said he had a gun and was going to kill them. Both Levitin and Block have beards and payots, or sideburns, and were wearing yarmulkes. Levitin is a rabbi at the Chabad of Downtown Seattle.

On October 14th, Williams allegedly returned and again made anti-Semitic comments and asked for money The following day he reportedly followed the two men into their apartment building where he created a scene by shouting and throwing candy at them.

Williams was a high profile figure at a Portland Antifa rally back in August. This is him (2nd clip below) shouting, “We didn’t come to talk, we come to bang it out!”

Here he is again, trying to intimidate reporter Julio Rosas to get him (and his camera) away from the Antifa side of the street.

Here he is complaining about being doxed by people with cameras:

He was eventually arrested at that rally (2nd clip below):

This wasn’t the first time Williams had been part of an Antifa protest. As Andy Ngo describes here, Williams threatened his life at a protest last year.

Williams has a record including harassment and domestic violence. He is being held on $100,000 bond for the hate crime.