Justin Trudeau: I was wrong to say I was pro-choice but 'against abortion'

Justin Trudeau: I was wrong to say I was pro-choice but 'against abortion'

Justin Trudeau must really be in the fight of his life because he is announcing new, left-wing positions almost daily. Today he told a group of reporters that he has “evolved past” his earlier hesitance about abortion.

“In 2011, I said clearly that I was and always would be pro-choice but I also, in a context where I was talking about my own personal faith, expressed something that I no longer believe,” Trudeau said. He continued, “I don’t think it is actually coherent or consistent for someone to say, particularly a man, to say that they are pro-choice but don’t like abortion.

“I don’t like—I evolved past that particular perspective. I continue to be and will always be fully pro-choice, but I no longer feel that I can or need to say that I’m against abortion. That’s not for me, as a man, to say.”

Trudeau’s blackface scandal definitely seems to be paying off for the left in Canada. Shortly after the scandal broke he announced a plan to ban “assault rifles.” He also recently announced a plan to plant 2 billion trees and met with Greta Thunberg (who said Trudeau wasn’t doing enough). Now he’s moving left on abortion. If the media discovers one more photo of Justin in blackface, he may be forced to call for full communism.

There’s an interesting Opinion Piece in the Washington Post today which notes that the news about Trudeau’s blackface came from American news outlets rather than Canadian ones:

Many Canadians have wondered why it took an American publication, Time magazine, to break the blackface story, particularly given that the most damning photo was found in the yearbook of the Vancouver school where he once taught — hardly an obscure source. It evoked memories of the Trudeau “groping” scandal that captivated Canada months earlier, in which a blogger exposed a damning story from Trudeau’s younger years that had similarly heretofore escaped mainstream attention.

Two Trudeau biographies by respected Canadian journalists have been released in recent months, yet neither is interested in the prime minister’s origin story, preferring to study his short career as a politician in isolation. Such ongoing media disinterest in exploring the considerably larger portion of Trudeau’s life spent as a dilettante dauphin has provoked endless right-wing conspiracy theories, often extrapolated from provocative leads the media has avoided chasing.

What was the nature of Trudeau’s admitted friendship with Christopher Ingvaldson, a man convicted of child pornography possession in 2013 who taught with Trudeau in Vancouver? Why did Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau respond with “Ha! Really?” and “I’m not saying it did or didn’t” when she was told in a 2015 interview that her husband had denied cheating? What did Trudeau mean when he allegedly told Don Martin a decade ago that he had “too many secrets” to run for office? Why is Trudeau continuing to deny having drinks with far-right provocateur Faith Goldy in 2012, despite credible witnesses claiming otherwise?

In sum, there seems to be a lot about woke Justin Trudeau’s past that the Canadian media isn’t terribly interested in looking into. So long as he keeps moving left on policy, maybe he’ll continue to get a pass. Here’s Trudeau announcing his new, pro-choicier pro-choice position (as a man):

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