Will prosecutors pursue Jeffrey Epstein's lieutenants if they were also his victims?

Some of the women who helped Jeffrey Epstein, by interacting with other young women on his behalf and encouraging them to become part of his lifestyle, could still face charges. CNN reports several of Epstein’s lieutenants were facing charges in Florida a decade ago but that all evaporated when Epstein signed a sweetheart deal with the US Attorney. The question the story raises is whether or not these women should be prosecuted now, even though Epstein is dead. There’s little doubt these women participated in illegal activity but there’s also a good chance they became Epstein’s victims before they were abusers themselves.

According to police reports, civil lawsuits and other court filings, these women approached girls in various places including near their schools, offering them the opportunity to make money by giving what they described as massages to an older man. They arranged transportation to Epstein’s residences for girls who were too young to drive themselves. And they handed cash payments to the girls after their encounters with Epstein.

And for some of them, court papers and other filings indicate, their work for him may have been a product of his abuse.

The starkest example appears to be Nadia Marcinkova, an Epstein assistant who is accused in civil lawsuits of having perpetrated abuse alongside Epstein, aiding him to “satisfy his criminal sexual desires by, on occasion, directly participating in sexual abuse and prostitution of the minor girls,” according to one of the lawsuits…

In a report filed by the Palm Beach Police Department during an earlier investigation of Epstein, multiple victims said Marcinkova played a role in their abuse. One victim said she was repeatedly paid to have sex with Marcinkova, while Epstein watched and masturbated. Another victim said she, too, was instructed to “kiss and fondle” Marcinkova as the two of them provided a massage to Epstein…

In the police report, one victim who alleged she was forced to have sex with Marcinkova told police Epstein bragged that he had “purchased” Marcinkova and brought her to the US to be his “Yugoslavian sex slave.”

Marcinkova’s attorney told CNN, “Like other victims, Nadia Marcinko is and has been severely traumatized.” Given Epstein’s track record, that’s very likely true. She was probably 15 when she came to the United States and perhaps 16 when she engaged in sex with others at Epstein’s behest. And yet, she met regularly with Epstein after his conviction:

Jeffrey Epstein was approved for visits with one of his underage rape victims while serving time for soliciting minors in Palm Beach.

Documents obtained by DailyMail.com show that the Palm Beach County’s Sheriff’s Office recorded approximately 90 visits between Epstein and Nadia Marcinkova in their official prison log.

So what does justice look like here? My own thought is that Marcinkova probably deserves to be prosecuted for luring underage girls to Epstein knowing what he planned to do. That said, had she been prosecuted at the time of the incidents she would have been as a minor and her own abuse would have been taken into account in any sentence. She probably wouldn’t have served much time.

I’d like to see prosecutors go after Ghislaine Maxwell. She was reportedly Epstein’s right-hand woman and she was an adult. Prosecuting her for her involvement doesn’t seem like much of a grey area.

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