Trudeau's latest attempt to change the subject: Meeting with Greta Thunberg

Justin Trudeau is doing everything he can think of to change the subject. Today he met with teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg and announced a plan to plant 2 billion trees:


First came the pledge to ban and buy back “military-style assault rifles” and support municipalities in banning handguns.

Next: Tax relief for middle-class households, and a vow to slash cellphone bills. Then promises to introduce a national prescription drug plan, to commit Canada to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, to teach every Canadian how to camp by grade 8.

On Friday, a meeting with climate activist Greta Thunberg — and a commitment to plant 2 billion trees.

The story goes on to say that it’s unclear if all of these new proposals are working. Some polls show the Liberal Party losing ground in the wake of the blackface scandal while others suggest that may have been a blip.

I’m assuming Trudeau though the meeting with Greta Thunberg might result in some positive comments from her. He did, after all, call her the “voice of a generation.” But after the meeting she said Trudeau wasn’t doing enough:

Thunberg, however, indicated that she expects more, even of leaders who welcome the movement. Scientists this week issued new dire warnings about the consequences of rising temperatures on the world’s oceans and cold regions.

“He (Trudeau) is of course obviously not doing enough, but this is just a huge problem, this is a system that is wrong,” she said.

Thunberg has previously criticized Canada for approving a new oil pipeline:


Asked about that tweet, Trudeau said, “We have a national climate plan that will reduce our emissions and hit our 2030 targets in a way that also includes getting a better price for our oil resources that allows us to put the profits directly into the fight against climate change.”

Trudeau also participated in a climate strike today in Montreal but the response from other protesters was mixed. One protester tried to throw eggs at the Prime Minister and was tackled by security:

A commotion broke out during a climate change strike in Montreal after a man reportedly attempted to lob eggs at Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau…

Global News has confirmed that the man in had eggs in his hands. RCMP has since confirmed one man was arrested.

I don’t support protesters throwing things at people. I didn’t like the milk-shaking fad on the left and throwing eggs isn’t any better. In the report below, you’ll see some video of the incident. The reporter who was on the scene said that even before the egging she heard a protester calling Trudeau a “climate criminal.” None of this seems great but no doubt Trudeau would much rather talk about being egged or disappointing Thunberg than about blackface.

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David Strom 10:00 AM | April 16, 2024