Anti-ICE protesters held a rally outside the home of detention center warden

Abolish ICE Denver and a local communist group held a protest last Thursday night outside the home of the warden of a local detention facility. Three people were arrested and Aurora police and neighbors expressed disgust over the protesters’ behavior. From the Colorado Independent:

Hundreds of Abolish ICE Denver protesters flooded the quiet Aurora subdivision Thursday night where the local immigrant detention center warden lives.

They marched up to the home of the warden, Johnny Choate, chanting “Nazi fucks, get off our streets” and “power to the people.” Choate was not in his house Thursday night, according to a colleague…

Aurora Police said in a tweet about an hour after the protest that three men were arrested on suspicion of obstruction, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and that they will be prosecuted

Neighbors lined the streets of the Tollgate Crossing subdivision to watch, and in some cases to shout back at the marchers. The neighborhood HOA prepared for this and encouraged residents to put “no trespassing” signs outside their homes.

The rally lasted about 90 minutes and after it was over the Aurora PD Chief of Police described it as “vile and disgusting.”

Here’s the kind of thing he’s referring to.


But local residents expressed support for the police:

There have been protests outside the ICE facility for months but this protest was organized as an escalation of that effort. Here’s an interview with the organizer:

This is straight out of the far-left playbook. No one is name-checking Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but she’s clearly an inspiration for these protesters.

Finally, here’s a local report on the protest which includes some reaction from neighbors who are, understandably, not happy at having a bunch of noisy communists marching in front of their homes: