Witness: Girls as young as 11 visited Jeffrey Epstein's island in 2018

According to an eyewitness, Jeffrey Epstein was still bringing very young girls to his private island as recently as a year ago. As a registered sex offender, Epstein was required by law to give 21-days notice anytime he intended to travel abroad, listing all of the countries he planned to visit. But the U.S. Marshals Service received a tip that Epstein hadn’t been doing that. In the course of the investigation, they wound up talking to a reporter for the Miami Herald who directed them to an eyewitness of something else Epstein wasn’t supposed to be doing:

The reporter, whose name was redacted, told investigators that “she has an informant who worked at the airport and the informant stated that she has seen Epstein walking with girls under the age of 18 within the last seven months.”

“Her informant has witnessed the girls board a helicopter at his island (Little St. James) and fly to the airport to board Epstein’s private plane,” the report said.

On July 10, a Marshals inspector contacted an air traffic controller at the St. Thomas airport whose number was provided by the Herald reporter, a document shows.

That controller told the inspector that between June 2018 and November “she has seen Epstein get off the plane with young girls,” and recalled two specific times, “with the first being two girls who appeared to be eleven (11) to twelve (12) years old,” the report says. “Another time a girl looked to be” 16 to 18 years old, the report said.

This shouldn’t be hard to confirm. Epstein had a pilot (or two) to fly the plane and the helicopter. Those people are still alive and under the proper pressure can be made to talk. Beyond the pilots, someone else arranged for these young girls to travel with Epstein. He was never out in front of the high schools (or middle schools) picking up girls. He had people to do that for him. Ghislane Maxwell reportedly took the lead rounding up victims for many years, but I’m not sure she was still around in late 2018. In any case, investigators need to find out who these girls were and who brought them to Epstein. He may be dead but the people who supported his behavior aren’t and can still be held accountable.

Speaking of people close to Epstein, the NY Post reported this week on a trove of photos posted online in 2009 by Epstein’s former housekeeper, Jun-Lyn Fontanilla. The photos include celebrities Chris Tucker, Hillary Swank, along with Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and John Kerry. Prince Andrew has been under some pressure to explain his relationship to Epstein but there has hardly been any public pressure on Bill Clinton, despite indications they had an odd relationship. Clinton released this statement back in July:

There is documentary evidence that Clinton’s statement was, shall we say, incomplete. And yet, since then, no one in the US media seems to be interested in pursuing that aspect of this story.