Six police officers shot in Philadelphia, standoff continues (Update)

Six police officers have been shot during an extended shootout that took place this afternoon in Philadelphia, PA. Local residents claimed they had heard as many as 100 shots fired. Some reports claimed that the shooter (or shooters) had live-streamed a portion of the incident. The Washington Post has more on the injured officers:

Local media reported that officers were attempting to serve a warrant at the house and were greeted by gunfire.

One officer was shot in the head, but is “conscious and communicating,” police told the Philadelphia Inquirer. A second officer was hit in one or both arms, and the rest suffered unknown gunshot wounds.

Additional officers were also receiving treatment for non-gunshot injuries, Gripp said, adding that all wounds were “non-life-threatening.” The officers were transported to the nearby Temple University Hospital.

6ABC Philadelphia has some dramatic video of one officer who ran to a squad car. If you look closely you’ll see that blood is pouring from a wound on his arm. You can see hitting the street and the street is covered in blood after he leaves. The driver of the squad car comes inches away from backing into another car in his rush to get out of the area (and presumably get the injured officer to a hospital).

And here’s another clip shot from a helicopter showing a second injured officer being evacuated from the scene. Keep your eyes on the right side of the image:

Moments ago (as I write this) Police Sergeant Eric Gripp said at least one shooter is still armed:

But at least one person was arrested at the scene though it’s not clear if he was involved in the shooting. Police picked him up and carried him to a car where he was taken away.

Now the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting there are two officers still trapped in the building where the shooting began.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross said two officers remain trapped inside the house in the 3700 block of North 15th Street where the shootout first erupted at 4:30 p.m.

A suspect inside the house was livestreaming on Facebook, police said, as officers worked into the evening, trying to get the gunman to surrender…

Two Narcotics Strike Force bicycle officers were pinned down on the second floor with three other people who were handcuffed, police said.

Four women who were escorted out of the area where the shooting took place praised police for keeping them safe:

Four women escorted from the scene where six Philadelphia police officers were shot say police saved them after they were trapped inside a Nicetown-Tioga home where the suspected gunman was barricaded inside. The women say they were on the second floor at the time of the shootout.

“I thank God for these cops. They’re good people. Don’t say nothing bad about them, they kept us safe the whole time,” one of the women told CBS3.

That’s all for now. I’ll update this story tonight once the standoff ends.

Update: The two officers who were trapped in the building with the shooter have been rescued.

A SWAT team has rescued two police officers who were trapped inside a Philadelphia house with an active shooter who is still armed and remains inside the home, police said.

Here’s a police update on the situation:

And some good news about the injured officers: