Twitter responses to AOC's 'concentration camp' claim have been all over the map

There have been two main responses on Twitter today to AOC’s claim that the US is running concentration camps. Many blue-checked progressives followed AOC’s dishonest lead by denying she meant anything to do with the Holocaust and insisting she was using a more general definition of the phrase. The other response was to simply admit she was referring to the Nazis and cheer on the comparison. The fact that these two responses are at odds didn’t seem to bother many of her fans. First, here’s the ‘actually, she’s technically correct’ reaction:

Chris eventually, sort of, backed away from this a bit, admitting that maybe AOC had gone a bit too far in making an implied Nazi comparison:

Lots of people didn’t bother to explain themselves this clearly, they just posted the dictionary definition of “concentration camp” to prove the phrase didn’t have to mean Nazi death camp:

Anyway, you get the idea. Lots of people tweeting screencaps of the dictionary. There was also a whole subset of these responses suggesting “concentration camp” could have been a historical reference to the Second Boer War. Case in point:

The bottom line is that she didn’t mean what she clearly meant. Deny, deny, deny…

Of course, AOC used the phrase “never again” and said the president was a “fascist” which seems to clearly evoke a specific type of (NAZI) concentration camp. But AOC’s fans were eager to ignore these details and instead pretend she’d be making a generic remark about the Boer War…or something. I think they did this mostly because they felt the Nazi comparison wasn’t as defensible and they desperately wanted to defend her. It was a pathetic and dishonest spectacle.

The other reaction on the left was to simply take note of the obvious Nazi comparison she had made and cheer it on. That’s what Rep. Jerry Nadler did, completely undercutting the claim she didn’t mean those concentration camps:

But he wasn’t alone. Lots of people agreed we’re now on the path to another Holocaust:

There are hundreds of more tweets like this embracing AOC’s Nazi comparison as a warning of things to come.

So there you have it. AOC was using the dictionary definition of “concentration camp” which is not about Nazis because she definitely wasn’t making that comparison. Also, she’s was clearly warning us it’s 1933 and we’re about to see a repeat of the Holocaust. Take your pick. For AOC fans, the important part is that, whatever she said or whatever it meant, she’s 100% correct.

Update: Not all of the responses have been positive.


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