Alyssa Milano tells pro-lifers to 'shove it' but only makes a fool of herself

Earlier today there was a claim made on Twitter about a premature baby at a detention center:

Actress Alyssa Milano was one of the people tweeting about it and her tweet got the attention of Sen. Jeff Merkley:

At some point, Milano decided to spike the football, so to speak, by calling all pro-lifers hypocrites:

Milano’s argument only works if you assume that pro-lifers a) don’t know asylum seekers have heartbeats or b) support letting asylum seekers die despite the fact that they have heartbeats. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest the number of people who believe a or b is vanishingly small if not zero. As numerous people pointed out to Milano, what this comparison really does is make a good case against abortion:

I liked this one:

Anyway, you get the point. We don’t stop the hearts of people crossing the border illegally. In fact, Border Patrol agents go to great lengths to protect children at the border. But the kicker here, as Ben Shapiro points out, is that even if every pro-lifer suddenly agreed to abandon border controls and let people cross the border at will (as if that made any sense), Milano still wouldn’t reciprocate by defending the heartbeats of the unborn.

Speaking of hacks making dumb arguments, I feel like Milano may have borrowed this from AOC who offered a similar argument on Twitter a few weeks ago. I offered a response to that one at the time:

For the record, as someone who is pro-life and supports border security, I don’t think pro-lifers are the hypocrites here. I don’t think they would support the death of any child, regardless of immigration status. But if premature babies deserve care because they have a heartbeat, shouldn’t unborn babies get the same care because they also have a heartbeat? I’m pretty confident that AOC and Alyssa Milano don’t support that and never have.