Rep. Omar endorses black-Jewish caucus, then attacks Jewish member as a 'bigot'

Monday a bipartisan group of lawmakers formed a new black-Jewish caucus which is intended to focus on the threat of white supremacist attacks against both groups. One person who was apparently not pleased with the new caucus was Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour. Avi Mayer of the American Jewish Caucus pointed this out Tuesday:

Sarsour responded by objecting to Rep. Lee Zeldin’s involvement with the group.

But Sarsour’s stance against the new caucus became a bit more awkward yesterday when Rep. Ilhan Omar, who got in trouble earlier this year for some of her comments about AIPAC and Israel, suggested she would support it.

When Avi Mayer highlighted Omar’s tweet to Sarsour, she pushed back again:

At this point, I like to imagine there were some unhappy phone calls or texts between Sarsour and Omar, but maybe Omar just caught on to the fact that he pal Sarsour was being left in the lurch. Whatever the case, Rep. Omar said this earlier today:

Rep. Zeldin responded to Omar’s comments on Twitter:

To sum this up, Omar endorsed a new black-Jewish caucus formed to create a spirit of unity between the two groups and then, one day later, accused a Jewish member of the new caucus of being a bigot. How’s that for building bridges?!

The backstory to all this is that earlier this year, Rep. Omar was twice criticized for statements deemed anti-Semitic by people on both sides of the aisle. Rep. Zeldin was one of the people who called her out at the time. There was a brief moment when it appeared Omar might be sorry for some of her remarks.  The second time she was called into the principal’s office she issued this apology:

That was four months ago but she’s apparently still upset with Rep. Zeldin and willing to drag her spat with him into the new caucus of which he is a founding member.