Mayor de Blasio's car was involved in an accident but the NYPD covered it up

Back in 2015, Mayor de Blasio was involved in a car crash. He wasn’t driving and no one was hurt. In fact, there’s no real scandal here at all except for the complete cover-up that followed (always worse than the crime). Howard Redmond, the chief of the mayor’s security detail, was determined no one should know to avoid creating embarrassment for the mayor.

“As per CO [the commanding officer] no one is to know about this,” Sgt. Jerry Ioveno texted members of the unit, referring to Redmond. “Not even the other teams.”

“No one is to know,” he repeated…

The crash was covered up in part because of de Blasio’s Vision Zero initiative, which seeks to reduce pedestrian and traffic deaths through stricter enforcement, according to multiple sources close to the executive protection unit. The Vision Zero site proclaims: “The City of New York must no longer regard traffic crashes as mere ‘accidents,’ but rather as preventable incidents that can be systematically addressed.”

The crash was a fairly minor fender bender but after it happened the driver pulled over and let de Blasio and his detail out before the civilian driver, whose car they had hit, made it to the car. Mayor de Blasio supposedly wasn’t too upset about the accident but Redmond was furious that the story might have been picked up by the media:

“Redmond hell-bent that this doesn’t get out to anyone, we need to kill the story,” executive protection unit cop Jorge Bravo wrote…

Redmond allegedly became infuriated when members of the unit drove the damaged SUV back to Gracie Mansion instead of 1 Police Plaza. Both passenger-side doors of the vehicle were damaged. The ride was out of service for two weeks, the source close to the executive protection unit said, suggesting that the damage was larger than the $1,000 minimum required to report a crash to the DMV.

“He’s p—-d about people knowing the story of the accident, not the accident itself. And that the limo was brought back to [Gracie Mansion] and a press guy could have taken a picture,” Bravo wrote.

Since de Blasio was in the car he clearly knew what had happened and that it never became news. It’s probably safe to assume that didn’t happen without his knowledge. An NYPD spokesman told the Daily News that an investigation determined the NYPD driver was at fault, but the Daily News also reports no report on the crash is publicly available. So they were held responsible but in secret, which sort of seems like it misses the point of responsibility.