London: Climate change protesters block traffic, vandalize Shell Oil

There’s a climate change protest happening in London today. A group called Extinction Rebellion blocked the streets at Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus. They also shut down Waterloo Bridge:

There’s an undercurrent of anti-consumerism/anti-capitalism to this protest:

Just up the road at Oxford Circus, protesters set up a pink sailboat:

Protesters also shut down Waterloo Bridge, though it doesn’t appear to be all that many people:

One of the things this group of activists are rebelling against is fossil fuels. They broke windows and dumped paint at the headquarters of Shell. From the Telegraph:

Police were called to the Shell Centre, near Waterloo station, to reports of a disturbance after the building’s revolving doors were shattered and graffiti was daubed on to the building.

Scotland Yard confirmed three men were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

Messages such as “Shell kills” were sprayed on to the property, while a female climate change activist glued herself to the door of the building.

Here’s what the damage looked like:

Here’s one of the extremists defending criminal behavior:

Similar protests are happening in a few other places today, including Berlin:

By blocking streets and breaking things, the activists are certainly amplifying their message. Earlier this month the same group held a nude protest inside Parliament. Grabbing headlines and media attention is the goal. But it doesn’t appear to be a very large of a group of people involved. The Independent reports there were 2,000 people committed to participate. Even the organizers aren’t claiming huge numbers:

They’ll proclaim this a success (every far-left protest is a success) but in a city of 8 million people, they represent a fairly small fringe.