AOC: Check out this hip video from an anti-capitalist media group

Today AOC quote-tweeted a video created by a fledgling socialist content provider called Means TV. Here’s how the group describes itself:

Means TV is an anti-capitalist on-demand digital streaming platform launching in late 2019.

Our subscribers will have access to a library of long- and short-form TV shows and movies – from talk shows, documentaries, stand-up comedy, to adult animation, dramas and more.

Means TV is currently attempting to raise half a million dollars to fund a year worth of anti-capitalist content. It released 10 videos on Twitter to attract that money. The specific clip AOC retweeted features a comedian named Sara June mock-praising capitalism.

“Another beautiful day under capitalism,” June says. “The greatest most functional economic system that has ever existed,” she adds before spitting out her coffee. June then goes on to explain how capitalism works: “Under capitalism, there are two ways to make money, and you definitely have to make money. If you’re lucky, you own something like an apple farm, or a glue factory…”

I’m not going to bother to critique the video, which is basically a comedy monologue but I will just say that she’s off to a bad start. People who own things like farms and factories don’t all have them because they were lucky. Many of them saw a need in the market and sold the products made in the factory to pay for the factory over time. That’s what the guys behind Harry’s razors did (video below).

Anyway, the clip ends with June saying, “So in conclusion, capitalism is a fun and efficient way to consolidate all the worlds resources in the control of a tiny group of massively rich individuals at the expense of everyone else. It rules.”

AOC tagged onto this anti-capitalist message with her own message about flat wages, and high costs of living, etc. She asks sarcastically how young people suffering from these problems could “dare question the larger economic forces in their lives?!”

All of this is going to come as a shock to AOC’s media who are convinced she’s not really an anti-capitalist, just a misunderstood social democrat. If so, why is she promoting an explicitly anti-capitalist media group trying to raise money for anti-capitalist content? Could it be that like other Democratic Socialists have been telling us, she really wants to see the end of capitalism? AOC keeps telling us she’s not a fan of capitalism but the media keeps looking away and pretending not to hear what she’s saying. But it really does help to explain some of the seemingly odd priorities in her Green New Deal. Here’s the clip she RT’d:

And here’s her tweet promoting it:

Finally, here’s a Bloomberg clip on Harry’s Razors and their purchase of a $100 million factory in Germany.