Avenatti on the charges he's facing: 'I am nervous. I'm concerned. I'm scared.'

Michael Avenatti was arrested yesterday on multiple charges from two different US Attorneys. Today, Avenatti spoke to CBS This Morning about the charges. The full interview won’t air until Wednesday morning but a portion of it has been released as a teaser.

“You’re being charged with very serious crimes,” correspondent Jericka Duncan said. She continued, “You’re facing, if convicted on all of these charges, up to the rest of your life in prison. Are you nervous?”

“Well, of course, I’m nervous,” Avenatti replied.

Duncan interrupted and pressed him some more and Avenatti gave a more extensive answer: “I am nervous. I’m concerned. I’m scared. I feel terrible for my family. I feel bad for my friends.”

Avenatti said most of his friends are sticking by him but reiterated that he is nervous. “I’m all of those things and if I wasn’t it wouldn’t make a lot of sense.”

Avenatti may be scared but he made a statement to the press last night saying he expected to be fully exonerated.

Avenatti did tweet about the Nike case last night and this morning:

Maybe there’s something to his claims about Nike. But it’s noteworthy that he hasn’t said anything specific thus far about the bank fraud and wire fraud charges he’s facing from California. We’ll see if he has an explanation for that as well. For now, here’s the teaser for tomorrow’s Avenatti interview. (BTW, what is going on with the lighting here? Avenatti is shrouded in darkness.)