Michael Avenatti and Popehat go at it on Twitter (and maybe by phone)

Ken White is an attorney in Los Angeles who spends a lot of time on Twitter as Popehat. I don’t always agree with Popehat but he’s pretty helpful about offering legal explainers for current news topics and he also helps people dealing with first amendment issues find attorneys when they are needed, which is a pretty solid thing to do in my book. White is not a big fan of celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti and has been especially critical of his recent attempt to file bankruptcy for his law office. It started with a comment by a Berkeley professor which caught Avenatti’s attention:

Popehat then weighed in calling Avenatti a bad actor:

And that’s when Avenatti went off and Popehat replied by mentioning some of his recent legal moves:

It continued with snarky insults being traded:

And for a moment that seemed to be the end of it (but boy was it not the end of it):

Because then it seemed Avenatti took things to the next level:

Avenatti does seem to have a short fuse so the idea that he would do this doesn’t exactly shock me. But here’s the 3rd act twist to this story: Avenatti claims it wasn’t him on the phone.

Chris Hayes stated the obvious:

Someone else chimed in that Avenatti did indeed have a number like the one described and Avenatti replied by screencapping a DM…?

Mariotti then suggested he could start talking if Avenatti wanted to play that game:

So did he call Popehat? Well, Avenatti does seem pretty worked up:

And he’s apparently done this before:


So here’s the TL;DR summary:

But are you really sure?

I know who I believe but your mileage may vary.