Smollett a suspect, Nigerian brothers before grand jury (plus video of them buying a red hat) (Update: Smollett charged with a felony)

Things are happening fast today. First up, Chicago police are now officially classifying Jussie Smollett as a suspect and detectives are presenting evidence in the case before a grand jury according to CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi

About 15 minutes before Guglielmi announced the case was before a grand jury, reporter Rob Elgas of ABC7 in Chicago said the Osundairo brothers were seen entering the grand jury room with their attorneys:

As noted earlier, the brothers were expected to testify before the grand jury yesterday but that was called off after a last-minute phone call from Smollett’s lawyers. Today, those lawyers met with police investigators to discuss the case. From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Lawyers for Jussie Smollett are meeting with Cook County prosecutors and police investigators about the reported attack on the “Empire” actor late last month.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the Associated Press that the meeting was taking place Wednesday afternoon. He declined to confirm reports that subpoenas had been issued for Smollett’s phone and bank records.

Another minor development which will undoubtedly be part of the case against Smollett. CBS Chicago’s Charlie DeMar found video of the Osundairo brothers buying items used during the attack on Smollett including a red hat and ski masks.

Of course, the fact that the brothers bought the items used in the attack doesn’t prove Smollett was in on it but the red hat, in particular, seems to fit pretty well with the idea that this was staged to look like a hate crime by Trump supporters. Would the brothers have come up with that on their own? And if so, why did Smollett claim his attackers were white? It will be interesting to see how attorney Mark Geragos spins that as some kind of mistake.

Update: From ABC reporter Will Jones on the grand jury testimony today and what the brothers said. And word Smollett has now been indicted.

From the CPD spokesman. The next step is surrender for arrest:

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