Portland withdraws from JTTF partnership with FBI citing sanctuary status

The city of Portland voted today to withdraw from the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), a partnership with the FBI which is intended to create a common front against terrorist activities. The push to leave the JTTF was led by newly elected City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty. Hardesty was joined by two other members of the 5-person city council. She cited concerns that the JTTF was at odds with Portland’s status as a sanctuary city. From Willamette Week:

Hardesty had led the push to withdraw from the JTTF since winning election in November.

“When we talk about one Portland, a Portland where everyone is respected, we cannot in good conscious continue our participation with the JTTF,” Hardesty said…

Supporters of staying in the JTTF, including Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw, emphasized the benefits of the partnership for both the Portland police and the FBI. The police bureau attempted to assuage fears that a partnership with the JTTF would give federal immigration officials access to local law enforcement data.

Chief Outlaw, who I’ve written about before, was out of town in the lead up to the vote but recorded this message of support for remaining in the JTTF:

Surprisingly, Mayor Wheeler, who was responsible for the terrible response to the abolish-ICE camp set up by protesters last year (which was finally cleared out by Chief Outlaw), voted to remain in the JTTF. But the concerns of Commissioner Hardesty won the day. Here’s a local news report from KOIN that gives a sense of how the JTTF is being framed as a potential threat to illegal immigrants walking down the streets.

Portland has a serious problem with Antifa goons vandalizing shops and generally creating their desired outcome: anarchy. Last August they beat up a Bernie Bro who was mistaken for a Trump supporter because he was carrying an American flag. And in October a group of these goons walked into the streets and started directing traffic. The photo above is from a protest in November. If Hardesty is concerned about mutual respect and safety walking down the streets, she might want to look into these lovely folks: