Four police officers shot in Houston while serving a search warrant

It’s hard to see headlines like this and not think about what happened in Dallas in 2016. In this case, it seems this was two individuals selling black tar heroin.

The initial report was that five Houston police officers had been shot but police are now saying four were shot and one was injured in the scramble. The officers were serving a warrant when they were attacked. There are two suspects and both were struck and killed by return gunfire from the police.

There’s a briefing taking place now. The Chief of Police says there were about a dozen officers at the scene serving a search warrant. As soon as they breached the door they came under fire from inside the house. Five officers were injured, four were struck by gunfire and two are currently undergoing surgery. The other two officers who were shot are said to be “ambulatory” but are remaining in the hospital for observation.

The search warrant was prompted by emails from local residents who complained the house was the site of drug deals. Police investigated and had enough evidence to get a search warrant for the house. That’s what the officers were doing when they were attacked.

One of the officers who was shot was 54-years-old and the chief says he has been shot in the line of duty previously. He praised the “heart” of his police officers. Here’s a portion of the news briefing: