At 8-months pregnant, migrant hops the border fence for a chance at giving birth in the U.S.

Since we seem to be heading for a government shutdown over money to build a wall on the southern border, it’s worth pointing out that sections of the current border fence can’t even stop a woman who is 8-months pregnant from crossing. Today, Al Jazeera published a video report about migrants who are choosing to jump the fence and enter the country illegally rather than wait for a chance to claim asylum at the port of entry.

The clip below shows several different family groups hopping the fence in a matter of moments. The story notes that one portion of the fence, which had been relatively easy to cross, has now been reinforced and is nearly twice as tall. A leap from the top would be a risky proposition even for a healthy adult. However, “a few kilometers away” there are still sections of the fence which it seems anyone can cross.

Al Jazeera notes that the pregnant woman in question, “wants to get to America before the baby is due.” The story continues, “being born American will give the baby opportunities she never got in life.” That’s true and of course, it will also mean the mom will be allowed to remain in the U.S. permanently as well. One of the other women traveling with the group has already been deported once. She hopes the result of crossing the border illegally this time will be different. Maybe it will.

The Courier-Journal published a story today about a woman who entered the U.S. and claimed asylum as part of a previous caravan. Her account was deemed credible enough that she was released with an ankle monitor. She is now living in Louisville, Kentucky. And her children have just arrived as part of the most recent caravan which arrived in Tijuana last month:

In Louisville, others agreed to sponsor extended members of the Gonzalez family if they got across the border. Supplies such as bikes, clothes and housing were lined up with the help of Louisville churches and advocacy groups. They started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to help the family.

Then came a break. Gonzalez’s phone rang at 6 a.m. one morning last week.

An immigration official was on the line, saying her Adiel and Ahsly were in U.S. immigration custody. They had turned themselves in and have since been sent to a shelter for medical care and to see a psychologist as their case is processed…

It’s unclear how long they’ll remain in government care before they’re released to Gonzalez. Meantime, the rest of the family was given Greyhound tickets to get to Louisville. She hopes her two children can arrive by Christmas, even though the family’s legal fight to remain will just be starting.

And that’s how this goes. Not everyone makes it across and not everyone who does make it across will remain, but enough do to encourage more people at home to keep trying. Here’s the Al Jazeera report.