Cocaine Mitch: 'Only one side was happy to play host to this toxic, fringe behavior'

Here’s Mitch McConnell turning one of the progressive left’s favorite argument, that both sides aren’t equally problematic, on its head. You’ve probably heard some version of this over the years. It usually goes like this: Sure there is bad behavior on both sides but the problem isn’t equally distributed. One side is far worse than the other, they say. This argument is often used to suggest the media should stop striving for balance and start calling out the real villains (always the GOP).

Today, McConnell spoke about the behavior of the left during the confirmation fight of Judge (now Justice) Kavanaugh. You’ve heard most of the details before. He references running Ted Cruz out of a restaurant and “attempting to shout over” Senators in the Senate Chamber. He then notes that Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder seem to be egging the protesters on, rather than trying to settle things down.

“Remember these comments come less than a year and a half…after Republican members of the House and Senate were literally shot at by a politically crazed gunman,” McConnell said. “Just these past days there have been graphic death threats, Senators and staff have needed extraordinary police protection, and the Democrats calling for more incivility and more rage,” he added.

“Americans with strong opinions on both sides of last week’s debate spoke up in a civil, respectful way and our nation was better for it. But look, only one side, only one side was happy to play a host to this toxic, fringe behavior,” McConnell said. He continued, “Only one side’s leaders are now openly calling for more of it…And I’m afraid this is only phase one of the meltdown.”

A bit later McConnell concluded, “Anyone who thinks that intimidation and scare tactics might rule the day must have missed the Senate vote last Saturday…We will not let mob behavior drown out all of the Americans who want to legitimately participate in the policy-making process.”

This really has to sting if you’re on the left. Not only did McConnell just defeat your best efforts to grind the confirmation to a halt, now he’s shaming your sides behavior while trying. This is a grade A troll but given the left’s unhinged behavior over the past month, it’s warranted.