California Democrat calls for boycott of In-N-Out burger chain over donation to GOP

Today the chair of the California’s Democratic Party called for a boycott of burger chain In-N-Out over a donation to the GOP:

Ratio alert: At present this tweet has 4.2k responses and just 1.2k likes.

What’s really pathetic about this is that first, In-N-Out is one of the few food chains in the country that does a lot of things the left says every fast food chain should be doing, i.e. paying workers more than the minimum wage, giving them paid leave, etc. Here I have to give credit to Stephen Miller who pointed this out on Twitter:

This story at Business Insider published last December says employee satisfaction at In-N-Out is higher than at some big-name tech firms:

In-N-Out Burger ranked No. 4 on Glassdoor’s list of the best places to work in 2018. In that spot, it beat out Google (No. 5), Lululemon (No. 6), and Microsoft (No. 39).

“Extremely flexible with scheduling, you work with similar personalities so everyone tends to get along, you move up quickly, you genuinely feel appreciated 9 times out 10, free meal every day that you work, great pay and excellent benefits for a rewarding job!” one In-N-Out Burger employee wrote in a Glassdoor review.

But sure, let’s start a boycott and try to destroy all of that over one $25,000 donation to the GOP. As the Sacramento Bee points out, In-N-Out has also given money to groups benefitting Democrats:

In addition to its $25,000 this week, it donated $30,000 to the GOP in 2017 and $30,000 in 2016. It has also contributed to the California pro-business political action committee, “Californians for Jobs & A Strong Economy,” which helps elect moderate Democrats. Most recently, it gave the PAC $80,000 in 2017.

Shortly after the tweet calling for the boycott, a party spokesman tried to walk it back:

Hours after Bauman’s tweet appeared and a furor erupted on social media, John Vigna, spokesman for the state Democratic Party, said Bauman’s tweet merely represents his opinion and is not the position of the party.

“Chair Bauman’s personal tweet reflects his belief that he shouldn’t support companies that support the Trump agenda,” Vigna said in a statement.

In-N-Out Burger issued a statement in response to the social media outcry.

“We have been fortunate to do business in this great state for almost 70 years. While it is unfortunate that our contributions to support both political parties in California has caused concern with some groups, we believe that bipartisan support is a fair and consistent approach that best serves the interests of our company and all of our customers,” said Arnie Wensinger, vice president of the company.

Good for In-N-Out refusing to buckle to pressure. Bonus points to the individual or reporter who catches Bauman ordering burgers with his hat pulled down in the drive-thru.

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