Trump campaign rally in Charleston, West Virginia

“I like Joe but he doesn’t vote—he just doesn’t vote for us,” President Trump said tonight at his campaign stop in Charleston, West Virginia. Trump was there to stump for Senate candidate Patrick Morrisey who is challenging Democratic Senator Joe Manchin. Morrisey only spoke for about six minutes and a chunk of that was praising the president. Most the event was a Trump campaign speech.

Some other things Trump talked about tonight:

  • He made a passing reference to this story while talking about the wall.
  • He talked about Gov. Cuomo’s statement that America was never great. He described that phase as the Democrats’ new campaign theme.
  • Praised ICE, the Border Patrol, and law enforcement.
  • Talked about the recent shootings in Chicago.
  • Said 4 million people had been lifted off the food stamp rolls.
  • Promised a 25% tariff on every car coming into the U.S.
  • Talked about North Korea saying he had a good meeting with Kim but there’s no guarantee they will denuclearize.
  • He talked about his meeting with NATO leaders who he says weren’t paying their bills.
  • Speaking of trade: “We’re like the big, fat piggy bank that everyone wants to rob and we’re not going to let them rob us anymore.”

One of the big questions was whether Trump would discuss the verdict in the Manafort trial or the plea deal with Cohen. The answer to that is no, which I guess is significant in itself.

Here’s the complete speech which lasts about 70 minutes: