One reporter's attempt to understand Trump's America

Jesse Brenneman is a reporter on a road trip to discover Trump Country. Last week he left New York City and started his journey to Montana. Along the way, he hopes to learn more about the strange denizens living outside the progressive bubble. It started with this tweet reflecting on the 2016 election:

That made me laugh, not just because it’s silly but because it nails the ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ style of journalism we’ve seen so many times from the left. The character Jesse is playing here seems to have his mind made up about what people in Trump country are like, even if reality doesn’t always support his conclusions:

Waves of smug superiority roll off him as he continues his journey, though of course, he’s completely unaware of it: “Here in Pennsylvania, everyone eats at the travel rest stop.”

Again, he’s nailed the reporter-goes-outside-the-bubble genre with these deep thoughts:

About as insightful as most left-wing media criticism:

Like Jim Acosta, Brenneman also experiences some close calls with potentially violent Trump supporters:

Jesse is unnerved but encouraged to go on by a precocious 3-year-old of the type that seems to crop up on woke Twitter all the time:

Tragedy strikes:

Some of the differences outside the bubble are just shocking:

This whole thing is pretty much how I imagine a road trip with the guys from Vox would go: “God it’s another oil derrick. It’s depressing…Oh, we do need to get gas though.”

Best I can tell Jesse Brenneman is (or was) a New York public radio producer and is a somewhat liberal person in real life. But his satire really nails some of the left’s lack of self-awareness and insular thinking in these clips. There’s room for a good satirical book from this perspective. Maybe he’s the person to write it.

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