Stormy Daniels is getting divorced amid allegations of cheating

Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti announced on Twitter this morning that his client was getting a divorce from her husband of three years, Glendon Crain. Avenatti added that Daniels was asking for privacy “for the sake of her family.”

So, Stormy Daniels, the woman who sued President Trump in March over a nondisclosure agreement which prevented her from discussing the president cheating on his wife (with her) now wants privacy? And Avenatti, the attorney who has been on CNN as much as some of its own hosts, suddenly wants the media not to be too intrusive into private matters? Perhaps realizing that she’s in an odd position to be asking for privacy, Daniels corrected her attorney a few hours later.

As for Avenatti’s remarks about the accuracy of the divorce petition, TMZ is reporting her soon-to-ex-husband has received a restraining order against her:

We’ve learned a judge has granted Glendon Crain a restraining order which he requested with his divorce petition. The judge, among other things, agreed to prohibit Stormy from coming in contact with Crain or their 7-year-old daughter, which Crain says was necessary because Stormy wanted to bring her on tour where she would be on a bus with other adult performers and at risk for both physical and emotional harm.

Crain is also accusing Daniels of cheating on him, but TMZ says there are no specific details about that claim. Privacy aside, I’m suddenly very interested in who she was (allegedly) cheating with. As Stormy says, “I want truth. And it will come out.”

Questions arose about Daniels’ marriage 10 days ago when she was arrested at an Ohio strip club. The charge against her was later dropped but TMZ got a copy of the arrest report which showed she listed herself as not married. At the time, Avenatti was asked and said his client was still married. He must have known what was coming, but wanted to keep this out of the news as long as possible.