Man arrested, fired, kicked out of political party over MAGA hat theft

Yesterday I wrote about a viral video in which a 16-year-old had his Make America Great Again hat stolen by an angry, cursing adult at a Whataburger restaurant in Texas. Here’s the clip which is now approaching 10 million views:


The man seen stealing the hat and tossing the drink at teens was arrested last night and has been charged with a felony. From ABC 13:

The man seen throwing a drink in a teenager’s face allegedly for wearing a Make America Great Again hat has been arrested.

Hunter Richard, 16, said the 30-year-old Kino Jimenez threw the drink in his face before leaving with his hat on Tuesday at a Whataburger in San Antonio…

Police said Jimenez initially asked Hunter why he was wearing the hat and the teen responded by saying he was supporting the president.

Yesterday, there were some anonymous reports that the teens had made racist comments which prompted Jimenez’ to act out, but that aspect of the story seems to have been dropped. According to this story, it was Jimenez who approached the teens about the hat.

Meanwhile, a bar where Jimenez worked part-time announced it was firing him yesterday even before his arrest. News site Heavy reports Jimenez was also kicked out of the Green Party over his behavior:

In an interview with Heavy, Gavino Zarate, secretary of the Harris County Green Party, who said he was speaking for the state party as a whole on the issue, condemned the incident.

“We all have different opinions of our president, but we don’t take it out on innocent kids who just happen to have a hat on,” Zarate told Heavy in an exclusive interview. “You may not like the hat or you may not like the president, but you don’t show that kind of aggression toward teenagers. It goes against everything the Green Party stands for. We are not violent. We do not take our aggression out on innocent young people.”…

“We are handling it in house. From our point of view, he is banned from being part of our organization,” said Zarate.


As for the victim of the crime, Donald Trump Jr. promised to replace 16-year-old Hunter Richard’s hat with one signed by POTUS.

Finally, here’s a local news report from a reporter who spoke to Jimenez after he was released on bail early this morning (notice he shaved the beard completely off). Jimenez claims his behavior was out of character for him. Sure it was, buddy.

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