Antifa and Patriot Prayer engage in more street battles in Portland, 4 arrested

The group Patriot Prayer held a rally in Portland Sunday which brought out a large contingent of Antifa members as well as members of the Proud Boys. Video posted online shows frequent scuffles in the street until police declared a riot and forced everyone to leave. Four people were arrested and several people were injured. From the Oregonian:


Things turned ugly shortly after 6 p.m., when Patriot Prayer protesters spilled into Third Avenue to begin their permitted march through the streets of Portland.

Antifascist counter-demonstrators immediately began lobbing eggs, half-empty water bottles and firecrackers at the conservative marchers, prompting federal police to fire paintballs filled with pepper spray into the crowd.

Portland police said four people were struck by the projectiles and had to be taken to the hospital. An officer was also struck and taken to the hospital.

The two groups continued heckling each other even as police intervened.

The bureau declared a riot and revoked the march permit soon after police said they witnessed several instances of assault and other criminal activity.

You can see some of the projectiles being thrown in the clip below. Police respond with what appear to be pepper balls but after that the whole thing just seems like a melee between Antifa and some members of the Proud Boys. Police seized weapons from people entering the area:

As you can see from these tweets, the legal march didn’t last very long:


Just last month, Patriot Prayer held a similar rally in Portland which was dubbed a going-away party for “Tiny” Toese. However, it appears Toese didn’t leave because he was arrested when he showed up to the rally this Sunday.

I’m not sure what this is accomplishing at this point. I don’t like Antifa and like the idea of a peaceful march that challenges their claim to own Portland (or anywhere else). And it seems they were the ones, according to the media and the video of the event, who began throwing things at the marchers. But after that point, this turned into a free-for-all. If both sides are taunting and throwing punches, it’s hard to see much difference between them.

Here’s a clip showing some of the fighting:

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