The Singapore Summit between Trump and Kim is finally here (livestream)

The summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un of North Korea is taking place in Singapore. It will have just started when this post appears but as I write this it seems no one is really sure what is about to happen. From the NY Times:


As the meeting approached, American and North Korean officials worked to hammer out a joint statement the two leaders might make at the close of their talks. But it was unclear that they could do more than reach a broad, general agreement on tough questions like nuclear disarmament.

Mr. Trump told other Asian leaders he was confident about the prospects for the meeting, but the two sides may have fundamentally different understandings of some crucial issues, like “denuclearization” of the peninsula.

To American officials, that has meant Pyongyang giving up its atomic weapons program, but North Korea has suggested that it would also mean a reduction or even elimination of American arms in the region. The vast scope of North Korea’s atomic program means ending it would be the most challenging case of nuclear disarmament in history.

Before the meeting, President Trump seemed upbeat but a bit uncertain whether North Korea was serious about a deal. “We will all know soon,” he tweeted:

Also in Singapore for today’s summit: Dennis Rodman. His trip was paid for by a “marijuana industry cryptocurrency” which I guess is a thing that exists.


The State Department posted this video of the U.S. delegation leaving the hotel:

And here, from VOA is video of Kim’s motorcade:

Shortly before the summit was set to begin, President Trump tweeted that Larry Kudlow had suffered a heart attack:

The summit is supposed to open with a handshake. If so I’ll post the image below. Here’s a live stream from the Guardian and below that is one from Fox News. I’m not sure if both will be getting the same video feeds but the commentary should be different:

Fox News:

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Tom Jackson 6:01 PM on October 04, 2023